According to The Fluffer aka Snips aka Shortstack, the Showtime series, The Tudors, is highly inaccurate - historically speaking.


Yahoo's BOSS API allows manipulation and reordering of results to make them more meaningful. This is not the case with most other Search Engine APIs.


Follow up on Keep's Fall 2008 Preview. The Dorian shoe looks dope. http://www.keepcompany.com/daytoday.aspx


Madvillainy 2: The Box is a remix album, not a follow-up.


AMC's Mad Men looks like quality TV. More info here.
Find a huge nautical anchor, paint it white, cover it with tattoo style illustrations in black pen, or black and gold.


Larceny is the "taking and carrying away of tangible personal property of another by trespass with intent to permanently (or for an unreasonable time) deprive the person of his interest in the property". It is more comprehensive than theft.


Buy the Girl & Chocolate DVD Box Set Collection / '93-'99. Mouse and Las Nueve come with it.
Patrick O'Dell's Panda Bear Video is based upon an old surf video called Crystal Voyager and was co-created by Sam Salganik. Salganik makes vids for Krooked Skateboards.